The Power of Two Words

Ever wonder why some of your staff members act too laid back for the job? You know they can do the job and when they do it, they do it well. Ever notice a sudden shift in work effectiveness and overall production? All too often I have experienced this situation first hand from an employee level as well as at a management level. Regardless of your position, many of us feel under appreciated for the work we do for a company.

Small Things Go a Long Way

Many times we may feel obligated to accept additional responsibilities even though they were optional. In our minds, we may feel that if we do not take up certain additions, the company may regard it as a weakness and further make untrue characteristic judgments.

One may even question themselves as to their ability to be fit for the job. Mentally and physically your staff will slowly breakdown under certain conditions. What they need is a boost of confidence and a show of appreciation. A simple “Thank you” is most often all you need to make a staff member feel appreciated. Companies and managers commonly make the same mistake. They believe money is the sole solution for increasing staff motivation. True, money can increase motivation and confidence, but many times it’s all the smaller things that go a long way. Words such as thank you, well done, great job, excellent work are just two words that you can quickly change a person’s attitude.

As a manager or owner, we may appreciate a staff member’s good work, but we sometimes forget to show them we know and how we feel. Remember, the power of two words is beneficial for both the company and the employee. Employees appreciate being appreciated and therefore will likely work harder for you.

Staff Appreciation

A company’s success is highly dependent on its staff. A corporation would not be a corporation without the various positions beginning from bottom to the top executive position. Thank your employees for a job well done or when they have personally gone the extra mile. It doesn’t take much effort to say two words. Remember, everyone always wants to feel appreciated.

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