Eat a Healthy Snack!

To a follow-up to my article on Eating Right, Living Right, I mentioned about allocating enough time to eating a well-balanced meal. If you are in a rush to eat, you are potentially missing out on a lot of good nutrients. According to a recent survey conducted by the Canadian Heart & Stroke, 41% of Canadians say that healthy meals take too long to prepare. More than anything it requires some discipline and about 20 minutes of your day to prepare a healthy meal. However, if you are anything like me, I had put my work ahead for years instead of my health. It was not that I did not recognize the importance of a well-balanced diet but it was the fact that there was way too much work and not enough time. Logging in at over 100 hours and up to 120 hours a week, really it was sad, but I had no life. Eating became a chore and it was something that had to be planned and scheduled. This became a regular routine and next thing I know it, lunch was starting at 3:00pm or later and sometimes skipped altogether until 7:00pm dinner. I have always been a breakfast skipper unless Mom was in town and who could say no to Mom’s home cooking. If it wasn’t Mom’s cooking, then it was two cups of coffee in the morning, another one in the mid-day and if I thought I could squeeze a bite to eat, I would have made myself a soup.

Working constantly, skipping meals, sleeping late was part of my daily and weekly routine. Coming home hungry and eating a large meal was satisfying but unhealthy. I would snack to replace meals rather than taking the right snacks to maintain a proper diet. As Mom always said “eat smaller meals more frequently, it’s better than one larger one.” “Eat a snack,” as she would say. Snacking doesn’t have to be unhealthy. Grabbing a fruit, yogurt or vegetable sticks are better snack choices. Take it from me. Eating late is no fun. And snacking on junk will just make you feel tired and unsatisfying as the hours go by. It may satisfy your craving at that moment, but if you need to continue the work day, choose a healthy snack. Pack a snack and bring it to work. According to research, Eating Three Meals and Two Snacks is the best way to maintain a well-balanced diet and even help maintain your weight. Having a snack in between a meal will help control the amount of food consumed during your regular meal session. It’s easy to over eat when you are hungry and haven’t had anything to eat for hours.

So do you pack your own snacks to work? What healthy snacks do you enjoy?

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