Where I come from

I was born and raised on the East Coast of Canada, then moved away and completed my last three years of high school on the mainland. After high school, I was like a lot of other students – confused and didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I was bouncing all sorts of ideas on what field to major in and it finally came to me.

Ever since I was young, I really enjoyed everything about food. I loved to analyze the meal, break it down into each component. Dining out at various restaurants was a great treat for me and if I could, I would try to meet the chef. Not only did I critic the food but everything about service was important to me.

So the decision was simple, I went to university and earned a degree in hospitality and tourism management with a major in food and beverage.

My Education and Life Challenges

During university I also met my wife who was studying in the same program. I had a great experience at university and had the opportunity to meet some great people along the way. However, university wasn’t exactly a smooth ride as I hoped to be.

Third year rolled around and I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. I had to move out of student residence and travel to the United States to receive treatment. Three months later, I returned to Canada to continue treatments.

It was a life changing experience. Everything that was given to me when I was born was taken away in a flash. Walking, bathing, changing and feeding myself, this was no longer capable. Today, I am stronger and healthier than ever before. After six months of chemotherapy, three surgeries and five blood transfusions and two years later, I was cured.

My Passion

Good food and fine wine is my passion. My whole life is surrounded with food. I watch the Food Network daily and record certain episodes which I archive for later use as well as read cookbooks like they are novels. Trying new restaurants is like an addiction. I will travel outside the city and even out of the country just to experience a new cuisine.

Most importantly, I enjoy what I do and that is working in a restaurant everyday. The job is hard work that comes with long hours, low wages and many sacrifices. I have virtually held every position in the front of house operations including working in the kitchen as a cook. Over the years I have consulted and managed restaurants and have been grateful for every opportunity.

Why Am I Blogging?

I thought the best way to help someone and also teach myself along the way is sharing my experiences with others. My stories are practical and can be applied to your own business. However, I also share funny moments during my career.

The Restaurant Blogger is for anyone who enjoys the restaurant industry, whether it’s eating, working, or being an owner. I hope that the stories/articles are inspiring and that you will share your own experiences. I am on journey of learning everything I can along the way to open my own restaurant.

Where am I headed?

I am beginning to understand that opening and running a restaurant is far different than managing one. You can be an excellent manager but a lousy owner. If you plan to own something you will begin to understand the tough decisions that are made by every owner. It’s a challenge that I believe I am ready to face. I have already conquered the largest obstacle thus far in my life – cancer.

Opening my own restaurant is a dream that I look forward to achieving soon… come follow my journey.