Workplace Health Benefits

Work will get better. That is what I told myself every day. As each project was completed, I imagined I would have more time, but that wasn’t the case. I saw my colleagues in the similar boat, so it wasn’t just me. I would hear stories from friends how good their life was. We all have our ups and down at work, but their stories were almost unbelievable. Companies they worked for were true promoters of health and work life balance. From in-house fitness centres to a yoga and pilates studio to an onsite personal trainer and nutritionist to a fully equipped snack bar were just some of the best I heard and offered at their workplace. If you thought that wasn’t good enough, my same friends were earning weekly bonuses based on how much exercise they incorporated in their work week. Amazing! How could I be part of that? I only wished. Bonus payouts for exercising? Forget about it, not at my work. Equipped with a laptop, mobile internet stick and a blackberry, we had no office. Having a physical office or a virtual one shouldn’t have mattered. But it was a nice thought to have and I started to think what it would be like to have similar rewards. Work would be so much more enjoyable. Hearing companies that promote healthy work environment made sense. If employees were happy and healthy, they would more likely be satisfied in doing what you wanted them to do. As a result you can create positive productivity.

So, what kind of health benefits do you have at work? If you could wish for anything that your boss could offer (besides a raise), what would that be?

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New Beginnings….

First off, I like to thank everyone who has visited The Restaurant Blogger during my time away. It has been a busy past three years working for a company and little time was left for blogging. My initial goal was to always open a restaurant but with a struggling economy and a job offer that I couldn’t turn down at the time, it made sense to delay. I have had the pleasure to hold a Director and Vice President position for one of the fastest growing companies in North America. I have no regrets. It’s has been a great experience. It’s now time to fulfil this dream to have my own. Come again and follow my journey.

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